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GLHeretic for Linux

This game is a port of GLHeretic to Linux. It is also the first usable port of DOS-Heretic to Linux which runs under X11, GGI, SDL, and SVGAlib. Sound and Music work, and two sorts of net games (UDP and IPX) are implemented. The game runs on Linux/x86, Linux/m68k, Linux/Alpha, FreeBSD, Netwinder, SCO-Unix, and other UNIX machines.


Recent releases

  •  02 May 2000 21:10

    Release Notes: Assembler (x86) optimizations of some core math functions, fixes to make Heretic work on Alphas and Solaris/SPARC, sound fixes, a rewrite of the OpenGL window/event handling, use of SDL for OpenGL handling, improved in-game menus, ability to change mouse_look, mouse_invert, and grab_mouse in the game, ability for the VGA version can use hi-res modes, support for 89-key keyboards, GL support for big-endian architectures, fixes for two ill-judged memxxx() ops that caused alignment SIGBUSes on SPARCs, improved window/fullscreen and mouse handling, the GLU library doesn't need to be specified for GLheretic any more, and bugfixes.

    •  05 Feb 2000 00:34

      Release Notes: This game now runs with hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers on cards like3Dfx Voodoo 1-3, G200, G400, Rage Pro, S3 Virge(?). The game can be run accelerated in fullscreen or windowed mode. Now with Texture smoothing, sprite smoothing, corona effects around static light sources, dynamic lightning on walls and floors/ceilings, monsterlightning, playerlightning, wall impacts, dynamic loading of OpenGL library, and free mouse look.

      •  27 Dec 1999 15:19

        Release Notes: Multiple game resolutions (-mode width height), an SDL version (video only; sound via pipes from other procs), bug fixes in several files, and changes to the fastx11 module.

        •  25 Nov 1999 17:15

          Release Notes: Bugfixes for big_endian support.

          •  23 Oct 1999 11:12

            Release Notes: The arm and std header-files have been merged, it is possible to build a working RPM now, and minor bug fixes have been made.


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