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glark offers grep-like searching of text files, with very powerful, complex regular expressions (e.g., "/foo\w+/ and /bar[^\d]*baz$/ within 4 lines of each other"). It also highlights the matches, displays context (preceding and succeeding lines), does case-insensitive matches, and automatic exclusion of non-text files. It supports most options from the GNU version of grep.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2007 22:08

    Release Notes: Short option names (e.g., --inv instead of --invert-match) are now supported. A significant amount of code was rewritten for better execution speed.

    •  08 Sep 2006 11:48

      Release Notes: Support was added for --with-fullname, --without-fullname, --with-basename, and --without-basename, which limit the files to be searched to those with full and base names matching the regular expression given. A bug with --after and --before taking non-percentage arguments was fixed.

      •  25 Apr 2006 15:51

        Release Notes: A bug was fixed with the --and option, which was previously getting the closest paired match, not the farthest one within the maximum distance. Tests were added, and significant refactoring was done.

        •  23 Mar 2006 15:39

          Release Notes: A bug in the --invert-match (-v) option was fixed. A check for recursive cycles caused by links was added.

          •  03 Mar 2006 19:02

            Release Notes: The --label option has been fixed to take any string, instead of just one word. Warning output for unknown options has been fixed.


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