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gladTeX is a preprocessor that enables the use of LaTeX equations in HTML by replacing the LaTeX code with images. Care is taken to align the base line of the equation with the base line of the surrounding text.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Aug 2010 12:29

    Release Notes: A memory allocation error has been fixed. Full alpha support was added in PNG images. A manual page was added. Some further bugs were fixed.

    •  13 Oct 2007 23:45

      Release Notes: In version 1.0, the HTML mechanism for aligning the equation images changed (in previous version, the "align=middle" option was used, which browsers interpret differently), and a cache file has been introduced, so that gladTeX does not have to regenerate every image each time it is run. Version 1.1 is a minor update to 1.0, improving portability.


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