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29 Dec 2001 05:31 TheWatcher

Re: Nice plugin!

> author lives in the UK, (220V) and I'm
> in the US, (120V).

Thanks for the comment! If you don't mind, could you tell me what mains offset you find gives the best results on the chart? I could add an option in the makefile to change the default based on the user's location that way.

28 Dec 2001 14:38 ernieg

Nice plugin!
I just stumbled onto this plugin, and being a new user of gkrellm & having a belkin UPS, HAD to give it a try. I was pleasently surprised that everything worked on the first try. I did have to do a little reading about the "Mains" setting, since the author lives in the UK, (220V) and I'm in the US, (120V). But once I set it, it worked great! Nice work Chris!


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