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GKrellM is a GTK-based stacked monitor program that charts SMP CPUs, disks, load, active net interfaces, and internet connections. There are also builtin monitors for memory and swap, file systems with mount/umount feature, mailbox checking including POP3 and IMAP, clock/calendar, laptop battery, sensors (temperatures, voltages, and fans), and uptime. It has LEDs for the net monitors and an on/off button and online timer for PPP. There is a GUI popup for configuration, plugin extensions can be installed, and many themes are available. It also features a client/server monitoring capability.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Oct 2010 08:54

    Release Notes: IMAP mail check with special characters has been fixed. Disk monitoring in gkrellmd on Windows has been fixed. IPv6 support when building on Windows was added. Support for monitoring of active IPv6 TCP connections on Windows Vista or newer has been added. Support for newer Linux hwmon sensors has been added. FreeBSD memory usage calculation has been updated. The Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese translations have been updated. Compile warnings on recent versions of GCC and errors when compiling on newer Fedora systems have been fixed.

    •  14 Oct 2010 08:39

      Release Notes: FreeBSD support for the amdtemp temperature sensor has been added. Build with gold as the linker was fixed. GnuTLS support has been fixed. Possible crashes caused by invalid drawing contexts have been fixed. Device mapper devices on Linux are now ignored by the disk monitor.

      •  14 Oct 2010 08:35

        Release Notes: Sensor support for FreeBSD has been fixed. Support for SMP CPU charts on FreeBSD 6.4-RELEASE and 7.1-RELEASE has been added. Linux coretemp sensor support was fixed. Battery support for amd64 systems using ACPI on Linux has been added. The sensors monitor now has an option to show temperature units. Threading issues when connecting to gkrellmd-servers have been fixed. Brazilian Portuguese translation has been updated. The gkrellm.spec for building RPM packages was updated. Various smaller fixes were made to the build system.

        •  05 Jan 2009 11:53

          Release Notes: Error logging was added, which allows logging to a file or stdout. Additionally, gkrellmd can now log to syslog. Mail authentication is now (optionally) done via libntlm. Clock and calendar strings are now parsed by honoring the current system locale. The Linux sysfs battery interface is now supported and preferred over the deprecated /proc/acpi interface. Support for building on Mac OS X Leopard was added. Various bugs were fixed and translations were updated.

          •  10 Dec 2007 13:58

            Release Notes: The Clock/Calendar monitor was rewritten to use user configurable display format strings containing strftime conversion characters and Pango text attribute markup strings. Various bugs were fixed.

            Recent comments

            02 Jan 2013 23:49 mETz

            I have contacted the author about the website absence. The project will continue to live in any case, I'll write a followup here once I know more. Source downloads are still available at, although only in ZIP format.

            05 Dec 2012 08:20 Romster

            Love this program, but I see the site is down, I assume that Bill has lost interest in maintaining this program, is there anyone out there that is willing to resurrect it?

            02 Jan 2011 00:30 Laysan_A


            I, too, am a fan of gkrellm. I've been using it since I first put linux on my i8000. I'm sorry to see that it's slowly moving out of favor. I wish I could help with the development, but I just don't have the skills.

            I do have a question...I've been trying to jazz-up the calendar/clock a bit by closing everything else down, making it bigger, changing the font, size and color, but I really don't want the calendar (which I want to be much smaller than the time) to be on top...There isn't any way to change that, is there (other than opening another, separate, instance with just the calendar)?

            For those who think gkrellm just looks old and clunky and doesn't fit in with kde anymore, let me share my gkrellm [url=]here.[/url] If you feel like it, you can also leave me some advice on the little issue I posted about, too. ;) I recommend anyone using (k)ubuntu, or perhaps debian, and wants to use gkrellm, also read my post. I contains some important information (at least I think it is...).

            Oh, I know it's been a year (more ;) ), but if you want gkrellm to behave on your desktop, select it as a dock in its settings, then go to your window manager settings and select to force it under all other windows - it'll stay where it is and won't bother you anymore (won't lose focus either).

            You should've saved that theme! Wish I could help. :)

            04 Aug 2010 04:35 aabatpurduedotedu

            Is there a bug list for "gkrellm" that I could browse? I built "gkrellm-2.3.2" on a
            redhat 5.5, 32-bit box and it SEGVs before I can see anything. I was wondering if somebody else had encountered a like problem.

            -- Thanks,
            -- Paul

            The following was displayed on the terminal and a small window was displayed
            with the first line. I'm not sure the third line came before or after the SEGV.

            gkrellm segmentation fault: (create_monitor)
            Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion

            After compiling with "debug=1" and running `gdb', I acquired the following
            traceback from "way deep" in the system libraries. "" is the cairo
            release level. (FWIW - I have a Debian lenny box that has "".)

            0 0x00000000 in ?? ()
            #1 0x0014ed0d in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #2 0x0014f9fa in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #3 0x0013fb33 in _cairo_pixman_composite () from /usr/lib/
            #4 0x001111de in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #5 0x0011a31e in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #6 0x0011ba4f in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #7 0x0011a382 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #8 0x00117f7c in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #9 0x0011c5d3 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #10 0x0011c059 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #11 0x0011c476 in ?? () from /usr/lib/ 0x0011abf6 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #13 0x0010ee0d in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #14 0x001095e4 in cairo_show_glyphs () from /usr/lib/
            #15 0x007a535d in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #16 0x001df445 in pango_renderer_draw_glyphs ()
            from /usr/lib/
            #17 0x007a48a4 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #18 0x02daacf8 in ?? () from /usr/lib/
            #19 0x001df445 in pango_renderer_draw_glyphs ()
            from /usr/lib/
            #20 0x001dfa3f in pango_renderer_draw_layout_line ()
            from /usr/lib/
            #21 0x001dfc5a in pango_renderer_draw_layout ()
            from /usr/lib/
            #22 0x02da9ca1 in gdk_draw_layout_with_colors ()
            from /usr/lib/
            #23 0x08099089 in panel_draw_decal_text_list (pixmap=0x8112c20, d=0x8192860)
            at panel.c:656
            #24 0x0809965b in panel_draw_decal_text_layer (p=0x81761b0) at panel.c:704
            #25 gkrellm_draw_panel_layers (p=0x81761b0) at panel.c:862#27 0x0805b01b in gkrellm_build () at main.c:1897
            #28 0x0805bf45 in main (argc=Cannot access memory at address 0x0
            ) at main.c:2218
            #26 0x0807135d in create_hostname (vbox=0x81236e8, first_create=1)

            30 Mar 2010 17:38 Frank64


            Any new release coming out soon?



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