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Gisdnbutton is a GTK-based ISDN monitor inspired by the old isdnbutton program written in 1996 by M. Gutschke. Gisdnbutton monitors the state of an ISDN connection (down, pending, incoming or outgoing) and displays it as a traffic light. The state of the connection may be changed by clicking the traffic light icon. Unlike isdnbutton, Gisdnbutton monitors both /proc/net/route and /dev/isdninfo, allowing for more detailed information about the different states. Gisdnbutton also distinguishes between incoming (blue) and outgoing (green) connections, can be started from the DisplayManager*setup: script (for gdm, kdm or xdm) instead of running as suid root, and can monitor a subrange of ippp devices, hence allowing the use of more than one process with each monitoring its own uplink.

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