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GiNaC (GiNaC is Not a CAS (Computer Algebra System)) is a C++ library for symbolic calculations. It is designed to allow the creation of integrated systems that embed symbolic manipulations together with more established areas of computer science (like computation-intense numeric applications, graphical interfaces, etc.). Contrary to other CASes it does not try to provide extensive algebraic capabilities and a simple programming language but instead accepts a given language (C++) and extends it by a set of algebraic capabilities.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Nov 2011 13:37

    Release Notes: This release fixes the parser to read GiNaC::lst again. It fixes a compile warning (relevant to openSUSE build). It fixes a bug concerning the substitutions in indexed expressions (subs_options::no_index_renaming was ignored).

    •  18 Jul 2011 19:50

      Release Notes: Several internal assertions in the debug version were fixed. A more verbose report of (auto-)configuration problems is provided. A compilation problem with ginsh when using GCC 4.6 was fixed.

      •  24 May 2011 10:02

        Release Notes: The library's was filename has changed from libginac-1.5 to libginac. Compilation issues with clang and VC++ were fixed. Bugs were fixed in the substitution algorithm, in add:eval(), the GCD code, in symbol::get_name(), in is_polynomial(), in fsolve(), in power::eval(), and in unarchiving. The autogen dependencies were removed. The simplify_indexed() algorithm was improved. power::series() can handle now more expressions with singularities in the exponent. conjugate() methods were added to functions cosh, sinh, tanh.

        •  06 Jul 2010 13:58

          Release Notes: The default behavior of conjugate() for user-defined functions was changed to avoid wrong evaluations. A user-defined conjugate_func must now be explicitly registered. The parser now handles abbreviations as advertised in the manual. Two bugs were fixed in the GCD code (one infinite loop, one miscalculation). Dangerous iterator use was fixed. A memory leak in excompiler was fixed. Several syntax issues with respect to gcc 4.5 and with respect to compile option -std=cxx0x were fixed. A wrong URL and a texinfo problem in the manual were fixed. The degree_vector() utility function was added.

          •  29 Mar 2010 20:13

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the GCD code (an infinite loop in pgcd()) and a bug in atan2() (a division by zero error for atan2(x,0) if x is a negative and composite term). Products now correctly set info_flags::negative and info_flags::negint.


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