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gimpShop is a fork of GIMP which changes the layout of the user interface to resemble Adobe Photoshop.

Recent releases

  •  10 Aug 2006 20:28

    Release Notes: Keeping up with GIMP releases.

    •  02 Apr 2005 20:47

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      Recent comments

      29 Jun 2007 10:10 kcredden

      A minor request
      I just have one minor request on new versions. Can you please get rid of the 'useless' error messages? I speak of ones that pop up, but you can't really do anything with, or doesn't accually affect the program or the images. One in particular is the TIFF message, which reads:

      TIFF image Message

      incorrect count for field "MinSampleValue" (1, expecting 3); tag ignored

      Another request. Could the default starting tool be reset to a non-damaging tool? I believe the 'paint fuzzy brush strokes' tool is automatically selected, and many times I've goofed up pictures when I click on them

      Other than that, I've really enjoyed the GIMP, and GimpShop. Looking foward to many more years with them.

      - Kc

      01 May 2007 18:24 lostsoul024

      Re: Binary for Debian users
      You're missing one crucial detail with your *.rpm -> *.deb conversion and that is:

      $ dpkg -i [blah].deb

      As an alternative, you could also run:
      $ alien -di [blah].rpm

      This will immediately install the new deb package rather than requiring that you manually install it through dpkg. Keep in mind that all these commands must be run as superuser or with sudo.

      Regards, Jake

      16 Sep 2005 10:35 mottie

      Great work
      I have never really been a fan of The Gimp due to usability issues. I really like what you've done with your software it makes the transition for Photoshop to The Gimp much easier. One very minor complaint, in GimpShop the word "tool" is thrown after most but not all tools. Why "Zoom Tool" but not "Airbrush Tool", "Type Tool" but not "Blur/Sharpen Tool". It's safe to say that "Zoom" and "Type" is descriptive enough, as they are on a tools menu.

      11 Apr 2005 08:10 LuisCSM

      Re: Binary for Debian users
      I forgot to say I have "Linspire 5.0" (a Debian based Linux) and I used "alien", it works great with most of "RPM's" and all my libraries are updated so far.
      But still, I wont run GIMPShop with /usr/bin/GIMP or /usr/bin/GIMPShop
      Kind Regards

      11 Apr 2005 08:04 LuisCSM

      Re: Binary for Debian users

      > Hello, i have something for all of the

      > people who really want a .deb file but

      > can only find an rpm... ok here it is:

      > To convert a RPM to a .deb you can use

      > 'alien'... go into a root console and

      > type this in


      > alien -d


      > when you type that in it will convert

      > your RPM to a .deb, but im not sure

      > which other linux distros this will work

      > on, i tested it with my knoppix box




      I've tried that, but when I want to run GIMPShop, nothing happens. :(

      Thanks for help anyway

      Luis C. Suarez


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