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GImageView is a GTK+ based image viewer. It supports tabbed browsing, thumbnail table views, directory tree views, drag and drop, reading the thumbnail cache of other famous image viewers, and a flexible user interface. It also support movies using the Xine library and MPlayer, and supports images in compressed archive formats like tar.gz, zip, and lha.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Sep 2004 17:30

    Release Notes: This release improves the performance of redrawing the thumbnail view and adds minor improvements and bugfixes.

    •  29 Feb 2004 14:17

      Release Notes: This release follows the changes made in the latest version of MPlayer. Xinerama support was added. Some minor bugfixes were made.

      •  14 Aug 2003 15:58

        Release Notes: The bug in which MPlayer sometimes failed to start playing has been fixed. The "Fit width" and "Fit Height" features were added. Some other code improvements and bug fixes were made.

        •  11 Jun 2003 17:59

          Release Notes: Image loaders, I/O streamers, image view and thumbnail view embeders are implemented as plugins. A faster JPEG loader than GdkPixbuf has been added. Clash bugs of Xine view have been fixed. Configuration of MPlayer can be overridden by GImageView's own config file. An audio visualizer for Xine view has been added. An image orientaion indicator has been added to the toolbar of the image view. Automatic rotation by EXIF feature has been added. There are other minor fixes.

          •  07 Feb 2003 21:50

            Release Notes: MPlayer support is now available. The overwriting confirmation dialog has been modified to show both the existing and the incoming image. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            04 Aug 2006 09:00 Pfv2

            Great work.
            Great image viewer. I like it. Keep up the good work.

            27 Feb 2006 03:57 draciron

            Sounds promising.
            I am very interested in trying Gimageview. Got a config error.

            checking for GTK - version >= 1.2.6... no

            *** The gtk-config script installed by GTK could not be found

            *** If GTK was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in

            rpm -qa |grep gtk




















            Seems I have a higher version of GTK than required but fails on config test. Any ideas?

            31 Jan 2006 12:02 eMBee

            i discovered gimv only a few days ago and it has already blown me away.

            at last an image viewer worthy to replace xzgv.

            i have been searching for long to find an imageviewer that could rival xzgv in memory use and simplicity. i have tried many others, but all used more resources and did not make the cut on my small machine.

            on top of that gimv also supports the .xvpics thumbnail format from xzgv and gimp and it handles files without extensions, while at the same time allowing a window layout close to that of xzgv.

            nice features are that the thumbnail view has tabs so that you can quickly switch between multiple folders. it fixes all issues i have with xzgv (proper file dialogs, don't hide nonimage files (i was always irritated to think that a directory was empty when in reality it contained other files), slideshow mode).

            and while it has a few more bugs than xzgv, they apply to features that xzgv doesn't even have.

            also tried gthumb and gqview.

            gthumb uses more memory, does not seem to allow mixing directories and images in the thumbnail view, and, i guess it's supposed to be a feature: it only loads thumbnails for image icons that come into view. that makes browsing an image directory very slow as you have to wait every time until the thumbnail image is loaded. it handles exif nicer than gimv, but that's about it.

            gqview also needs more memory than gimv.

            it autoloads the first image in a directory, which is not always desired if you just want to take a quick peek because that costs time and resources again.

            it has the same file/dir split as gthumb, supports .xvpics only to read (and appears to scale them, ugh)

            the kde options gwenview and showimg need so many resources already at startup that their features aren't even worth discussing.

            i have not seen any development on gimv for the last year. i hope that will change again, there is great potential. i submited a bunch of bugs and feature ideas...

            greetings, martin.

            07 May 2005 13:10 shlomif

            Great Image Viewer!

            This is a great image viewer. It has many configuration options, supports all common formats and is very flexible, and fast. I should not that I wrote
            a Patch to fix some problems there (

            12 Dec 2003 17:04 no_such_luck

            A few changes I'd love to see...
            To begin, GImageView is great :)
            That being said, if the following changes could be made, then I'd really be happy with it.
            Firstly, I would like it if, when you open an image directly with gimv, (eg. $ gimv /home/me/mypic.png) that you could also then access other images in /home/me/ by pressing page-up and page-down; right now you can only do this if you view /home/me/mypic.png by double clicking on it from inside GImageView.
            Secondly, I would also like it if I could set the image-window to always start in full-screen mode. Please also consider making it so that the image automatically gets refreshed to go to the biggest size that fits (if that's your desired option) when you toggle to and from full-screen mode.
            Thirdly, I would like it if you could make it an option that double-clicking on an image in "image-view-mode" toggles back to the directory+thumbnail view.
            I would also like to know if you wouldn't consider making the splash-screen a configurable option (and not a compile-time option).
            Lastly, I want to thank you for this excellent program. I use it all the time, and I really like it :)
            Thanks, Scott


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