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Gigalomania is a 2D real time strategy game that is a clone of Mega-Lo-Mania. The gameplay consists of researching and developing new technology with which to conquer your enemies, from rocks and sticks to nuclear weapons and spaceships. You can advance through ten different ages, from the stone age to the future. There are 28 different maps to play through. The game is still under development, but is entirely playable in its current state.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2013 00:08

    Release Notes: Improvements have been made for the graphics. Sound is now available on Android. There are various improvements to the UI, and bugfixes. This version also adds a port for AROS, and re-adds support for Mega-Lo-Mania graphics.

    •  06 Apr 2012 10:07

      Release Notes: A crash when loading saved games has been fixed. The gameplay mechanics for combat have been improved, and your people and armies now automatically evacuate when buildings are destroyed. Health bars for your buildings and enemy buildings are now displayed on the screen. The game has been ported to Android smartphones/tablets, and improvements have been made to the UI for touchscreens.

      •  16 Mar 2012 22:04

        Release Notes: This release adds an auto-slow option, improves the UI (including a one-mouse-button mode), better supports various different resolutions in windowed mode, shows a progress bar on startup, and includes ports to Nokia smartphones (Symbian, Maemo, Meego).

        •  19 Nov 2011 16:10

          Release Notes: A crash was fixed which sometimes occurred when starting to play an island. The Linux makefile was fixed for GCC 4.6 (Ubuntu Oneiric). The game window is now centered when run in windowed mode.

          •  31 Oct 2011 23:59

            Release Notes: The game can now run in resolutions lower than 640x512. The UI was also redesigned to be more suitable for typical PC resolutions (e.g., 640x480 rather than 640x512; 1280x960 rather than 1280x1024). The graphics scaling algorithm was improved to give better quality results.


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