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GGZ Gaming Zone

The GGZ Gaming Zone (GGZ) is an Internet gaming center. Players login and sit at tables where they can play their favorite games and chat with other players. GGZ can support multiple rooms with varying skill levels.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2008 09:44

    Release Notes: A new KDE 4 package was added which contains multiplayer libraries, tools, and some example games, including a Plasma widget. On the server side, registration policies are now implemented. The database modules were improved. Statistics can now be queried continuously in real-time through shared memory, in addition to database lookups. The community Web portal got a configuration wizard and can now produce SVG tournament maps. C libraries were cleaned up and their symbol count was reduced with linker maps.

    •  25 May 2008 06:46

      Release Notes: Tournament tables with the correct reservations can now be created automatically through the tournament bot T-Rex, and tournament plans can be printed. New rooms can be defined through the Web frontend based on room templates. The REST API and the OpenID provider are now included in the GGZ Community portal. More game servers can save and restore running games. Database upgrades and TCP wrappers are supported for the GGZ server. Many additional new features were added in the documentation, the Gtk+ packages, and the utilities.

      •  10 Mar 2008 20:42

        Release Notes: The GGZ server restores table data and seat reservations so that games can be continued after a server restart. The registration process for players can require email confirmation. The Java applet now comes with an advanced chat widget. In the Python package, all library wrappers were updated and two new game modules added. The chatbot Grubby has been updated to work with Tcl 8.5, Python 2.5, and SILC 1.1.

        •  17 Feb 2008 15:13

          Release Notes: About twenty bugs which have been found for over a year are now fixed. Several translations in ggz-client-libs and ggz-gtk-client were taken from the GNOME games project and integrated. Toolchain support, in particular on Solaris, has been improved.

          •  20 Jan 2008 16:26

            Release Notes: The ggz-international branch has been merged to provide full Unicode support on the server as well as translated game descriptions. Multiple databases can now be compiled into the server and selected at runtime. Player rankings per room can be transmitted as part of the GGZ protocol. Weak player passwords can be detected and rejected. Library catalogue translations have been merged from gnome-games. There are various other extensions in all of the four packages that make up this first snapshot release.


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