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Gfarm is a distributed filesystem, generally used for large scale cluster computing. It's implemented in userland, and can be mounted by FUSE. It utilizes locality of a file to access a data node, and supports Globus GSI for Wide Area Network. Users can explicitly control file replica location on Gfarm. Gfarm can be used as an alternative storage system to HDFS for Hadoop, Samba, MPI-IO, and GridFTP. Monitoring via ZABBIX and Ganglia is also supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 May 2013 12:43

    Release Notes: This release adds an automatic replica creation feature (replica_check), an IO statistics monitoring feature (config-gfmd-iostat, config-gfsd-iostat), a ganglia plugin, and improvements to tools to maintain replica location (gfncopy, gfprep, gfpcopy, etc). Stability under high load conditions is improved, as well. gfarm2fs 1.2.9, gfarm samba plugin 1.0.0, and gfarm zabbix plugin 1.1.0 are also released.

    •  23 Feb 2012 10:40

      Release Notes: This release adds gfs_seekdir() and gfs_telldir() APIs, which are needed by the newest gfarm-samba plugin, and fixes many problems regarding the hot standby metadata server. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version.

      •  05 Jan 2012 04:17

        Release Notes: This release fixes a serious problem at gfmd startup. All users of version 2.5.2 are strongly encouraged to upgrade. This release also includes performance improvements for GSI authentication and some other bugfixes. gfarm2fs 1.2.6 is also released, with a fix for a bug with the Gfarm ACL feature. A new package, Gfarm/MPI-IO plugin version 0.0.1, is introduced. This is a ROMIO ADIO for the Gfarm file system, which improves the N-to-1 parallel I/O performance in MPICH2.

        •  19 Dec 2011 10:40

          Release Notes: This release adds an audit log feature of file creation/modification/removal, and includes several bugfixes for the feature to support replicated metadata servers. Upgrading is recommended, especially for 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 users. gfarm2fs-1.5.2 is also released with a bugfix in symbolic link handling.

          •  15 Sep 2011 12:54

            Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes for replicated metadata servers. Upgrading is recommended. Gfarm and gfarm2fs now work on MacOS X.


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