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get_iplayer allows a user to stream or make recordings of any BBC iPlayer TV (H.264/Quicktime), BBC iPlayer Radio (MP3/AAC/RealAudio), or BBC Podcasts (MP3/AAC). It downloads iPlayer subtitles, metadata, and thumbnails. It has full PVR functionality for automatic searching, queuing, and stream recording. Its plug-in architecture allows third-party channels to be added. Live and embedded iPlayer TV and Radio recording and streaming is also supported. The optional Web PVR Manager allows full PVR searching, recording, and playback support of available and recorded material.

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Forked version alive and well 26 Aug 2010 08:18

get_iplayer is (and has been since May 2010) actively maintained at <a href=""></a>. Please use the latest version from the git repository.

Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2010 00:39

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to filter which PVR searches are run and the ability to exclude PVR searches by name. It allows you to sort by connection priority in mode numbering. It has an improved user agent function. It will skip subtitles download if the file already exists. It adds the modeshort substitution parameter, which is the same as mode but without the trailing digit. It makes sure that any file prefix that specifies mode doesn't use the trailing digit to prevent duplicate recordings in some cases. It adds BBC Radio Sussex into local radio lists. It fixes a regression bug where URLs would not get recorded. There is a new Web PVR Manager with new Record functionality.

    •  19 Feb 2010 22:48

      Release Notes: The iPhone mode was updated due to a BBC change that removed the stream data from the public XML metadata. If --pid is used with series or brand, PIDs/URLs will now list all contained episodes. If --pid-recursive is used with the above, it will record all the contained brand/series episodes. Search now applies to the concatenated fields as opposed to each field individually. The ability to get iPlayer program metadata and thumbs even if a program is unavailable was added. The use of --metadataonly, --subsonly, or --thumbonly options will now prevent recording when used with --pid. Many other changes were made.

      •  16 Jan 2010 20:52

        Release Notes: The --future and --refresh-future options were added to allow searching of future programme schedules for BBC Radio and TV. The nameshort and episodeshort fields were added, which are Series and Episode with numbers stripped out. The field was added to contain s##n## format for XBMC series and episode number parsing. The and fields were added. Running the PVR is now faster due to caching the cache and history files in memory. The available radio channels were updated. The --refresh-include option was added so that only matching channels are indexed.

        •  07 Jan 2010 16:48

          Release Notes: Improved series/episode number extraction from meta-data. Improved episode name extraction from meta-data to include episode number where appropriate. Episode and series numbers have been added to caches. Freevo has been added as a metadata format. This release adds --email options to allow for scheduled HTML search results to be sent by email. It adds the --pvrscheduler option to run the PVR at regular intervals. It fixes a bug where stat was called on a non-existent cache file in debug mode. It adds a workaround where abs_path does not work in Win32. It fixes flvstreamer/rtmpdump version detection.

          •  31 Dec 2009 13:47

            Release Notes: Automatic detection is done of whether a URL is http:// or :http:// in a search term, and is then set as if it were a --url option. A change from 2.21 was reverted, and system-wide options are read additionally from /etc/get_iplayer/, as /var/lib/get_iplayer/ violates the FHS and Debian policy. Extended metadata is gotten if --fileprefix is used. Extended, alternate, and duplicate programme versions that have no version name set in the meta-data are allowed. Some deprecated options were removed. The --ignorechannels option was added, which causes matching channels not to be indexed when refreshed. Embedded MP3 flashaudio programmes that do not have the encoding attribute set are parsed.

            Recent comments

            10 Jul 2009 08:38 naesk

            An excellent project for BBC iPlayer

            08 May 2009 04:36 emazep

            Wonderful project, based on open standards and technologies.


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