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23 Oct 2012 09:13 afabiani

The GeoTools community is pleased to annonce the release of GeoTools 8.2, available for download from SourceForge:

GeoTools 8.3 Release Notes
This release is also deployed to the OSGeo Maven Repository. For more information on setting up your project with Maven consult the Quickstart.

About GeoTools 8.3

GeoTools 8.3 has several bug fixes other than improvements:

Bug fixes

[GEOT-4024] - shapefile-ng build fails due to failing tests
[GEOT-4204] - Intermittent JDBCJoinTest failures
[GEOT-4257] - getBounds in MemoryDataStore throws NPE when store contains features with null geometries
[GEOT-4258] - envelope returned by MemoryDataStore getBounds has no coordinate reference system set
[GEOT-4266] - Contour Process fails to output value attribute when smoothing is enabled
[GEOT-4275] - Heatmap RT does not clip input points correctly
[GEOT-4279] - NADCON grid shift factory does not release channels on grid files
[GEOT-4287] - Anonymous types handling are broken in app-schema

[GEOT-4160] - Support parsing srsName in OGC HTTP URI format
[GEOT-4264] - Introduce SortBy Clause on ImageMosaicReader
[GEOT-4265] - Provide a default granules order on ImageMosaic creation
[GEOT-4270] - Make all MouseDragBox methods public
[GEOT-4271] - Create new arrow shape suitable for winds and currents
[GEOT-4278] - Allow encoding of null value properties in the GeoJSON document
A number of improvements came in from the community via GitHub pull request. Thanks to all who submitted a contribution:

Christian for bringing Postgis raster documentation up to date and Adapt PG raster online tests
Martin Davis GEOT-4275 (Heatmap RT does not clip input points correctly)
Carlo Cancellieri GEOT-4264 (Introduce SortBy Clause on ImageMosaicReader)
Michael Bedward GEOT-4270 (Made MouseDragBox constructor and methods public)
Sebastian Graca GEOT-4257 (getBounds in MemoryDataStore throws NPE when store contains features with null geometries) and GEOT-4258 (envelope returned by MemoryDataStore getBounds has no coordinate reference system set)

Upgrading from GeoTools 2.7

For those migrating from GeoTools 2.7, upgrade instructions are available. No additional GeoTools 2.7.x releases are scheduled.

Thanks for using GeoTools.

The GeoTools Team

17 Jun 2003 11:04 swapanmazumdar

Wonderful API for GIS Apps. using Applet
Thanx to James and his team for their continous effort and dedication which has resulted into a wonderful Java API for GIS Apps.

I personally found the API very structured and featured which has been giving me constant thrill as I am exploring and learning the possibility.

At somepoint sometimes it is difficult to clearly intrepret the meaning but with little code it becomes a see-thru-crsytal.

I am glad to hit this site accidently. Thanx to google.

Cheers Guys


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