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Geomview is an interactive program for creating, viewing, and manipulating 3D and higher-dimensional geometric objects. Geomview can be used as a standalone viewer for static objects or as a display engine for other programs which produce dynamically-changing geometry.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Mar 2014 02:12

    Release Notes: This release includes major changes to Geomview's built-in Lisp interpreter, adding true defuns and lambda-expression and some other in-principle-need-to-be-there Lisp stuff. As of today, this is a naive maintenance release, making sure that the stuff still compiles, particularly on Linux (Gentoo) and Mac OS X.

    •  29 Aug 2007 16:25

      Release Notes: The manual was translated to Brazilian Portuguese. courtesy of Jorge Barros de Abreu. Image-stream filter bugs were fixed. (transform ...), (transform-incr ...) interests were fixed. The computation of averaged per-vertex polygon normals was improved (taking the relative orientation of the facets into account). Loading of textured meshes was broken by a previous change since 1.9.0, so that was fixed. The GEOMROOT environment variable has been resurrected, as it was needed by some external modules (e.g. StageTools).

      •  12 Aug 2007 10:16

        Release Notes: Drawing of spheres was fixed.

        •  16 Jun 2007 00:20

          Release Notes: This release includes a variety of bugfixes. There is one new feature: picking should now work correctly even in the context of n-dimensional (ND) viewing. The modules have been updated to support this.

          •  07 May 2007 14:45

            Release Notes: This version just fixes some bugs in 1.9.0. Specifically, version strings were wrong in some places and textures would not be reloaded after deleting all cameras (OpenGL MG-backend). Images in the HTML version of the manual are now accessible from within the non-installed manual in the build-tree, and the in-build-tree manual now resides in BUILDDIR/doc/htdocs. Previously, the HTML version would only be complete when make install was done.


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