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Genyris is a programming language inspired by the Semantic Web. Objects can belong to multiple classes independent from construction. Indentation reduces parentheses yet retains the power of Lisp. External Java libraries can be imported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Sep 2010 12:55

    Release Notes: In the language, "triplestore" was renamed to "graph". In the library, multiple httpd instances are allowed on the same TCP port, and the text/plain MIME type returned to the Web server prints using "display" mode. Maximum memory was increased. HTMLFormatter was flattened for long lists.

    •  15 Apr 2010 13:26

      Release Notes: A Swing table example and some manual updates were added.

      •  15 Apr 2010 12:55

        Release Notes: Direct access to Java static fields from a class object was fixed. The GPanel Swing class was added to the library to demonstrate hooking Swing paintComponent() calls.

        •  22 Mar 2010 11:49

          Release Notes: Tasks can now share genyris objects. Task sychronization was implemented. Indirection syntactic sugar was added. A remove-tag function was added. Static pages can be served by return code in http-serve. %u was added for URLencoding. Backtrace was added. The Read-Eval-Print-Loop is now callable by users. System.getenv was added. CSV was changed to read from streams. Functions for getting time and dates were added. Base64 string encoding and decoding was added. Triples now use .subject instead of (.subject). The .length method was added to triplestore.

          •  07 Oct 2009 03:13

            Release Notes: The lexical syntax was changed to be more like other scripting languages.


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