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01 Nov 2005 06:31 coolhand

Great Program
I'm always amazed with the performance of Geneweb. I export a 40MB GEDCOM from my Mom's Family Tree Maker. Gramps used to just choke on it. Now Gramps loads it but runs VERY slowly. Geneweb, on the other hand, acts like it's nothing, plus it's accessible over the internet. I've almost gotten my Mom talked into switching to it from FTM. Geneweb's performance even blows FTM out of the water, especially considering she could still use Geneweb from some ancient machine over her browser since Geneweb is running on my server.

31 May 2003 13:22 ptolemy

Re: new version

> Much newer version (4.09) available.

You're right. I've submitted an update - but that's something you could have done yourself. You don't need to be an author to provide FM updates.

31 May 2003 12:47 grin

new version
Much newer version (4.09) available.

02 Oct 1999 14:51 roglo

date format
To reconcile everybody, from the version 2.07, the dates in the update forms are displayed yy-mm-dd.

24 Sep 1999 23:58 bigdog

date format
I believe the mm/dd/yy is a US format. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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