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GEneral NEural SImulation System

GENESIS (short for GEneral NEural SImulation System) is a general purpose simulation platform that was developed to support the simulation of neural systems ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, simulations of large networks, and systems-level models. It was developed as a research tool to provide a standard and flexible means for constructing structurally realistic models of biological neural systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Oct 2011 05:11

    Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes and enhancements.

    •  26 Mar 2011 23:58

      Release Notes: This version was completely rewritten in C and Perl to use a modular architecture. Better support for neurological models was added.

      •  14 Jan 2007 09:46

        Release Notes: Support was added for Intel and AMD 64-bit processors, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows with the Cygwin environment. Izhikevich simple spiking neuron model objects and demo scripts were added. A new purkinje tutorial with a cell plugin framework, on-the-fly generation of tabchannels, and the ability to select compartment names for ASCII output and current injection were added. Channels were added and some small changes were made to accomodate leechlib. Many bugs were fixed. The documentation has been entirely rewritten.

        •  06 Jan 2005 05:01

          Release Notes: The Kinetics library has been updated. There are major fixes for bugs and compilation issues. There are new debugging utilities.


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