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24 Feb 2011 21:54 cgroza

Fixed a bug, tabs would not close sometimes.

21 Feb 2011 23:57 cgroza

Fixed a bug:
Bug: After closing a previous tab, the internal representation of the tab order was messed up and the system could not find the corresponding text control.

20 Feb 2011 21:23 cgroza

OK, I said that will be done in a week, but half of it is done now. The editor shows spelling errors and now the feature is usable.

20 Feb 2011 19:13 cgroza

OK, the editor recognizes a misspelled word, all its left is the styling. Fixed a few bugs that were buried deep in the program.

20 Feb 2011 11:56 cgroza

Bug fixed, the goto box was not functioning normally.

19 Feb 2011 22:11 cgroza

Bug fixed: A line was not updated after moving some code to a separate file.

19 Feb 2011 22:07 cgroza

OK, you are right, fix will be here in 5 minutes.

19 Feb 2011 22:03 r_jansen

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 328, in <lambda>
self.Bind(wx.EVT_TOOL, lambda event: self.OnRun(event,self.PageIndex[self.nb.GetSelection()]),id=610)
File "", line 460, in OnRun
AttributeError: 'Editor' object has no attribute 'Save'

Thats what ive got when trying to Run...

19 Feb 2011 21:52 cgroza

Minor bug fix, gEcrit was saying that a file was not saved event if it was.

19 Feb 2011 21:40 cgroza

It works very fine here, I opened and save files 10 times before posting this.


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