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GNU Enterprise Application Server

The GNU Enterprise Application Server (GEAS), one of the foundations of the GNUe Project, provides a means for managing and deploying multi-tier business applications. Its architecture encourages reusability and easy maintenance by presenting data as objects and business logic as methods to clients written in several popular programming languages.


Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2004 13:16

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  06 Jun 2002 20:20

      Release Notes: The development of the old GEAS has been halted. After much development of GNUe-Common, it made sense to reuse common and to introduce RPC abstraction, since CORBA seemed to be becoming obsolete. This release is primarily a proof-of-concept release that illustrates the use of GNUe-Common's database backends and RPC abstraction tools. Development has been at a very steady pace, and the old application server's feature set should be equaled very quickly.

      •  11 Sep 2001 00:30

        Release Notes: Use of better PostgreSQL datatypes, new GEAS datatypes int16, int32, int64, and Boolean, improved configuration for MySQL, and a FAQ for common problems when configuring, building, installing, and running GEAS.

        •  18 Jun 2001 06:59

          Release Notes: This release includes some general code clean-ups, profiling support, improved performance, support for recursive processing of GNUe Class Definition (GCD) files in the server and in the gcdverifier tool, with the ability to have a tree of GCD files, and some general enhancements and bugfixes to the GCD parser.

          •  18 Apr 2001 13:58

            Release Notes: New features include PostgreSQL support, an activity logging system, support for modules in GCD files, automatic table creation in GEAS, and support for datatype validation. The classdef API and objectcache API were stabilized. SQL generation is now delayed till the database type is known. Schema information can now be requested by clients. C or Python can be used for business methods. GEAS internal data structures are now stored as business objects. The GCD parser was reimplemented and enhanced. More complex queries were added. Object cache efficiency was improved. CORBA object handling was changed to use on-demand activation for the duration of a single method call. Reserved words and special characters in SQL (both MySQL and PostgreSQL) are now recognized. Various minor fixes were made.


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