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Gearmand is the job server component of Gearman. Gearman provides a generic framework to farm out work to other machines, dispatching function calls to machines that are better suited to do work, to do work in parallel, to balance the load of processing, or to call functions between languages.


Recent releases

  •  12 Feb 2014 00:49

    Release Notes: There is a GEARMAN_SERVERS environmental variable for libgearman to pick up servers to communicate with. This means that any driver now linked with libgearman will be able to handle multiple servers. INFO level messages for queue creation have been added.

    •  04 Oct 2013 08:08

      Release Notes: Workers that return a bad gearman_return_t will be counted as an error by the server and not a final (i.e. they will be retried). A possible bug has been fixed where the server would over count the number of NOOP sent if NOOP messages did not get sent. gearman_job_use_client() has been added. Compile time has been improved. A fix for NOOP failure (bad worker causes early exit of loop). A fix for PostgreSQL (use INFORMATION_SCHEMA). gearman_client_has_active_tasks() has been added so that you can see if a client has active tasks that it is working on.

      •  02 Aug 2013 09:01

        Release Notes: A gearman_task_is_finished() function was added. SSL support was improved. Exceptions are now supported. gearmand accepts its root CA via the GEARMAND_PORT environment variable. libgearman now accepts GEARMAND_CA_CERTIFICATE, GEARMAN_CLIENT_PEM, and GEARMAN_CLIENT_KEY.

        •  07 Jun 2013 05:14

          Release Notes: The PostgreSQL test case now passes. SSL support has been added. OS X fixes have been made.

          •  10 May 2013 06:57

            Release Notes: Cleanup of error codes returned by gearmand. gearmand will now set its port from the env variable GEARMAND_PORT. Fixes an issue where the identifier might not be set correctly on reconnect. strlen() of zero on name passed for instance did not result in a connection to localhost (which the PHP driver thought would happen). Fixes a regression in log not updating time on all platforms. Fixes an issue where PECL PHP wasn't passing a null string to get the default host.

            Recent comments

            20 Jun 2011 04:49 briantangentorg

            gearman_execute_by_partition() to simplify map/reduce operations. PHP client fixes. Update to admin interface. gearman_client_run_tasks() will now reset on host failures. Support for namespaces. Lots of documentation updates.


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