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Gnome Display Manager

The Gnome Display Manager is a reimplementation of the well known xdm program. GDM consists of a daemon and a graphical login application which runs as an unpriviledged user. The login GUI features a face browser, an optional logo, and language/session type selection support. The daemon includes an XDMCP implementation for managing remote displays. Access control relies on TCPWrappers and PAM.


Recent releases

  •  06 Feb 2005 15:09

    Release Notes: This release fixes several minor bugs. It also adds some translations.

    •  15 Sep 2004 03:09

      Release Notes: This version features translation updates, and a minor Solaris fix.

      •  19 Aug 2004 01:44

        Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes and translation updates.

        •  12 Jun 2004 01:40

          Release Notes: This release adds many minor bugfixes, a fix for an issue with blinking cursors, Solaris build fixes, fixes for the accessibility modules, and more.

          •  07 May 2004 20:39

            Release Notes: This release has UI enhancements, IPv6 support, accessibility work, and many bugfixes. This is aimed at the GNOME 2.6 desktop.

            Recent comments

            31 Dec 2003 12:58 vicious

            Re: face browser for the graphical greeter
            There are now some docs on this in the reference documentation. See for more info

            01 Aug 2003 08:57 vicious

            Re: face browser for the graphical greeter
            There are no docs, except for the sources. See gdm.h headerfile for the defines, and see the sources of gdmlogin.c and greeter/greeter.c for the implementation of the protocol. There is much duplicated code between the two that needs to be split out into a library. That would also be a fun project for someone. The face browser is there in the newest development versions. You have to just have a theme that supports a face browser and there is one like that based on happygnome in the default distribution.

            30 Jan 2003 03:21 rustino

            face browser for the graphical greeter
            It would be nice to have a face browser in the graphical
            greeter interface.
            I'm planning a new graphical interface for gdm, where can I
            find some documentation about the protocol to
            communicate whith the gdm daemon and other usefull stuff?


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