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04 Jan 2005 18:44 t1101

Love your app
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your calculator application. Several months ago, probably more than a year I searched for RPL linux programs. I downloaded several and ended up keeping yours around.

It is one of the first things I install when I install Linux. Also, I have one of my HotKeys on my keyboard dedicated to gdcalc so that I have quick access! It is even labeled on the keyboard.

Great job and keep up the good work. It seems like the only issues I've had is with the percent change function...but I can't seem to remember what the problem was. I'll check it out and get back with you!

11 May 2002 02:19 bhepple

Re: Comments please
... much later, sorry did not notice your comment here ... I think the problems you mention are fixed now ...

21 Oct 2001 12:12 mrfiddlehead

Re: Comments please
Hi Bob, The program is great, except for one interface issue. I expected to be able to type a number, hit enter to move it into the y register and type another, type an operator etc, etc. But it seems the only keys mapped into the edit controls are the numbers and the operators on the numeric keypad. The one key that seems not be be mapped is the enter key, which, on an RPN calculator, is a pretty big issue. That's my only suggestion. The Conversion menu is a nice touch. I wish I had a program like this back in my days at University. Even though I probably wound't have given up my HP11C without a fight :)

20 Mar 2001 02:50 bhepple

Comments please
Hello, I wrote gdcalc - if you are using it I would be interested to hear your comments bad or good. Only way it'll get improved!!

I'd also like to fold in any changes or additions you make to the program - that's why it's GPL'd


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