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GDAM is real-time digital dj mixing software package. Any number of mp3 files can be played and mixed simultaneously. Effects can be added, changed, and rearranged dynamically. GDAM features a client-server architecture; all sound is produced by a server, which receives instructions from any number of clients. Other features include plugins for audio effects and interface components, cacheing and looping, sequencing, assisted beatmatching, a waveform viewer/beat calculator, contiguous queueing (no pauses between songs when using a playlist), an online help system, an mpg123 clone which runs on a gdam server, flexible command line interface for direct control of server, recording of entire mix or any point in stream to buffer/disk/mp3 encoder, support for multiple sound devices, and support for midi hardware control.


Recent releases

  •  13 Nov 2000 10:24

    Release Notes: The key/mousewheel bindings now stored in seperate files that are called from skins, rather than directly in the skin files, "rough" support (but working!) for XMMS plugins, the time display can now display either time elapsed or remaining, and songs with unknown BPM rates or from different song databases can be hidden.

    •  11 Jun 2000 20:17

      Release Notes: This release adds ALSA support and Four Channel Soundcard support.

      •  26 Mar 2000 22:23

        Release Notes: Bugfixes in the rush for 1.0.

        •  10 Mar 2000 11:50

          Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.


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