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gauger is a lightweight performance recording and monitoring tool, aimed at detecting regressions (or sudden impovements) in any measurable metric. It is mainly intended for software development, but can be used for other purposes such as network monitoring or meteorological logging. It collects measurments made by a number of clients (potentially behind firewalls) on a central server and allows you to visualize and analyze the data later. It offers a central log server, Python, Java, and C interfaces for the clients, and a Web interface to browse the data. It allows you to view graphs of the data per host or per metric, selecting the desired ranges and sizes, and allows you to download the data in a gnuplot script for further processing.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Gauger is now stable 03 Jun 2011 13:50

With release 1.0 gaguer is now considered stable. Please note that since the protocol has changed, the update of both clients and server from earlier versions must be done simultaneously. Otherwise new data will not be logged on the server. Additionally, language bindings have been updated to reflect change in client executable name, please update your projects' header files to use the new bindings. Data storage has not changed and the old data will be available with the new server version. Feedback is very welcome!

Recent releases

  •  03 Jun 2011 13:42

    Release Notes: This is the first stable release. It is not backwards-compatible with older releases at the protocol level. The server part is completely rewritten in PHP, and now uses RESTful methods to accept data. New bindings include JavaScript and Python. Many new additional VCS are supported: git, mercurial, bazaar, etc. Merging of metrics in one plot, sensitive to units with color-coded help, has been added. The ability to remove/add plotted metrics with a single tick. A login/registration page to add new hosts. The installation script now offers an interactive way to install both server and client.

    •  04 Apr 2011 13:13

      Release Notes: All the slider controls now include an additional input field to fine-tune the ranges and sizes of the graphs. The origin control allows you to select either automatic values for the y-axis or lets you specify a value 0-100 (useful for normalized data). New Java bindings were included with example code and c example code for existing bindings. Some small improvements and bugfixes were made.

      •  16 Mar 2011 14:06

        Release Notes: Paging was added in the host view. Instant search was added for host and metrics in the menu. Categories were added. Various minor fixes were made.

        •  24 Feb 2011 03:16

          Release Notes: This is the first release.


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