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Gateway Anti-Virus

Gateway Anti-Virus allows applications across the enterprise to check files for viruses by providing a SOAP-based virus scanning Web service. Client application attach files to SOAP messages and submit them to the Gateway Anti-Virus Web service. The Web service uses clamav to scan the attachments for viruses and it returns the results to the client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2008 21:21

    Release Notes: This minor release fixes a bug in the WSDL and adds version information to the server response.

    •  02 Jan 2008 16:16

      Release Notes: This release features a new user authentication system. This allows administrators to restrict who can access the service. Access logs, error logs, and a summary page are also new in this release. Additional information, such as the number of virus signatures loaded, is now available to client applications. Because of recent schema changes, any 3.0 clients will need to be updated to work with this release.

      •  24 Dec 2007 18:49

        Release Notes: The XML schema has been updated to include additional information for the client applications, such as the name of the virus scanner library and its version. Any 2.0 clients will need to be updated to work with this release. A working client and test file are provided in the release, as well as an example SOAP request and response. This release also includes enhanced error checking and error reporting.

        •  18 Dec 2007 21:57

          Release Notes: Gateway Anti-Virus has been completely re-written in PHP. This was due to a number of problems experienced when attempting to fix the underlying C language SOAP library and enhance it by adding SSL/TLS support. The new code base is much simpler and cleaner than the old C code. The dependencies and install procedure have changed dramatically since the last release. See the 'INSTALL' file for setup and dependency instructions.

          •  02 Oct 2007 13:19

            Release Notes: Gateway Anti-Virus is now more configurable. The server can deploy the Web service to any URL specified by the user, and the client can connect to a Web service running on any URL. The development team has ported the software to NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris, and MacOS X. A bug which caused gatewayavd to return the wrong exit code has been fixed. Packaging has been improved. Additional documentation and unit tests have been written.


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