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31 May 2000 17:20 decouto

variable output precision
by default garble outputs lat/lon and distances to a max of 6 digits. i have a patch to v1.0.1 which lets you specify the precision you want with the --precision flag. it's at

note that the unit only reports lat/lon as 32 bits each, which is something between 10 an 11 decimal digits of precision. i don't think the gps units actually measure that much though.

let me know if you find this useful


29 May 2000 11:20 decouto

bug and bug fix

There is a bug in the serial port code of Garble such that it does not
set the serial port it uses for the GPS to raw mode. Some ports,
notably the /dev/ttyS0 etc. recommended by the README for connecting
with the GPS do some processing by default on the input so that the
Garmin GPS data gets corrupted -- thus Garble times out waiting for
the GPS to respond.


Use /dev/cua0 or /dev/cua1 instead of /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1 --
these ports do not do any processing by default. Also, I think that

stty -f /dev/gps raw

will also turn off all the unwanted processing. Replace /dev/gps with
the appropriate device name.

There will be patch posted for this within the next few days.

Douglas S. J. De Couto


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