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GanttPV is a project scheduling application that can be used to define tasks, assign resources, calculate dates, and create Gantt charts. It can be scripted using Python.

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Recent releases

  •  10 Dec 2006 07:38

    Release Notes: Important changes in version 0.7 include clearer, more attractive time-scale headings; expanded menus, short cuts, and default report layouts; easier insertion of child tasks and support for dependencies between parent tasks; more built-in report types; new scripts to share report layouts, move task start dates, and display assignment roles; the ability to import Microsoft Project files (XML format only); compatibility with the new, multi-user GanttPV Server; and support for translating menus (using gettext). The Mac version is now a Universal application.

    •  08 Mar 2006 17:32

      Release Notes: Improvements include more attractive printed reports, gantt chart colors, project template support, programmable keyboard shortcuts, improved icons, task chaining, task parenting, new summary columns (resources, prerequisites, successors, and child tasks), compatibility with GanttPV Server, a multi-level Script menu, a Window menu for report navigation, improved row movement, more date abbreviations, easier record linking, quick clearing of task dependencies, a save-as-script option, an experimental task network diagram script, and several bugfixes.

      •  20 Jan 2005 06:12

        Release Notes: This release added a workload planning feature that calculates assigned hours for each resource and task. The critical path support now displays total float and free float for each task. Standard report sets can be added to project with a single command. A new time units option supports the entry of duration and effort by weeks or days. Gantt charts can now be summarized by month and quarter.

        •  07 Dec 2004 03:08

          Release Notes: This release introduces gantt charts by week. Project managers can include a 6-week summary chart and a 14-day detail chart in the same report.

          •  10 Nov 2004 09:00

            Release Notes: This release contains several important bugfixes. It simplifies the creation of new report types and expands the kinds of reports that can be defined. Another new feature is the abbreviated date entry. Users can enter just the day and GanttPV defaults the year and month. Report names appear in the window titles making it easier to manage multiple open reports.


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