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Gambit is a set of tools for doing game theory on finite games. It features a graphical interface as well as a (currently experimental) Python API for doing repetitive or econometric tasks on games.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Jan 2006 16:30

    Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs and adds a few minor graphical interface enhancements as part of refactoring the internals to make building a publicly-documented library for the next release cycle. (The library is built, but not documented now; see the libgambit directory in the source distribution.) New implementations of four algorithms have been added, quantal response tracing, a heuristic support-search method, and the global Newton and iterated polymatrix methods of Govindan and Wilson.

    •  12 Dec 2005 15:09

      Release Notes: This release fixes some outstanding minor bugs and continues the polishing of the graphical interface, with special focus on ease of use for the beginning student of game theory. Strategic games are now presented in a flexible contingency table format, so that the entire game table is presented on the screen at the same time, even for N-player games. Payoffs in extensive games are now edited directly on the display of the game tree, instead of in a separate dialog. Finally, this version introduces a new extended file format.

      •  04 Jan 2005 17:28

        Release Notes: This release presents several significant enhancements for computing Nash equilibria. New implementations of Govindan and Wilson's Global Newton and Iterated Polymatrix algorithms are provided, based on gametracer. EnumMixed has been extended to compute the structure of components of Nash equilibria in degenerate games, and Simpdiv has been augmented to allow any strategy profile as a starting point.

        •  09 Apr 2004 23:14

          Release Notes: This release reorients the codebase for greater flexibility. It now builds a library of code suitable for linking in other programs, as well as a complete Python interface to the API. Documentation of the API is now also available.

          •  08 Apr 2004 05:24

            Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and feature enhancements were made, including support for exporting normal form games to HTML and to Martin Osborne's LaTeX style. An unhandled exception that occurred when viewing a report on a profile whose test for trembling-hand perfection had not been done was fixed. The graphical interface now loads and displays large game trees faster. Changes were made for compatibility with GCC 3.3.


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