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Galapix is an image viewer that allows you to directly zoom into large collections of tens of thousand of images from tiny thumbnails down to the images' original size fluently with short load times and no loss of interactivity. It accomplishes this by keeping a tile cache which stores not only thumbnails for one size, but thumbnails of many different sizes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Oct 2009 01:32

    Release Notes: An issue with newly generated images not showing up properly was fixed. An automatic check for libspnav was added. Proper configuration variables were added to the build script.

    •  24 Oct 2009 22:11

      Release Notes: This release adds support for EXIF (for proper image orientation) and support for Zoomify gigapixel images. Available image thumbnails are now loaded directly at startup, instead of dynamically later on, to allow a smoother browsing experince. FileEntry and TileEntry generation has been merged to allow faster loading. Image refresh on F5 has been fixed.

      •  17 Oct 2009 13:38

        Release Notes: This release includes a new Gtk based GUI, anti-aliasing support, toggling of the background color, and a grid tool. Support for new file formats has been added as well, including SVG, RAW, PNG, Gimp/XCF, Krita/KRA, ZIP, RAR, CDR, and CDZ. Support for fetching images directly from HTTP is provided as well.

        •  12 Sep 2008 17:30

          Release Notes: This update includes fixes for a bug that caused the application to halt, compile fixes for gcc 4.3, a new random layout function, a random shuffle option, a function to create non-overlapping layouts, smooth transitions for scaled images, and a new tool that allows you to move images around and resize them.

          •  04 Sep 2008 14:18

            Release Notes: This initial release contains support for JPEG files and allows you to smoothly zoom into a collection of those files. Up 50,000 files at once should work fine. Support for other file formats is missing and the background loading shows some visible artifacts.


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