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GAIL is a GTK+ module that provides accessibility support for GTK+ and libgnomecanvas by implementing AtkObjects for widgets in the two libraries. For example, if the module is loaded in a program which calls gtk_widget_get_accessible() for a GtkEntry, an instance of GailEntry is returned. This module is normally used with the atk-bridge GTK+ module from at-spi to allow an assistive technology, e.g a screenreader, to query or drive the program.


Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2008 18:19

    Release Notes: Gail label now treats the changed bound as the cursor when the selection is changed. Thus, before "text_caret_moved" is emitted, the cursor is changed to the changed bound (bug #536927).

    •  11 Apr 2008 07:31

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  23 Dec 2007 19:08

        Release Notes: Bugs #474504 and #395781 have been fixed.

        •  18 Jul 2007 20:55

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  21 Apr 2006 21:16

            Release Notes: This release reverts an incorrect fix that regressed treeview accessibility.


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