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GAI bgswitcher

GAI bgswitcher is a dockapp and GNOME 2 panel applet that provides a quick, one-click background rotator.


Recent releases

  •  07 Apr 2004 17:43

    Release Notes: This release has been converted to support/require Gai 0.5.3. There is a preferences window redesign to incorporate option menus. The file selector has been changed to just a text box due to UTF-8 errors. A pause function has been added (by popular demand). There is a new appearance layout with previous, pause/play, and next buttons. 3 button themes are available.

    •  06 Jan 2004 16:45

      Release Notes: Several additional thumbnail transitions are now available. The source files have been cleaned. A GNOME rotation issue was resolved. CPU usage was reduced. Two layout formats are available. Images with ratios other than 4x3 are now handled correctly.

      •  31 Dec 2003 13:08

        Release Notes: Proper tumbnail scaling is now done. Old code was cleaned out. A fancy thumbnail transition animation was added, which fades from one thumbnail to the next. The user can now choose between rotating images sequentially or randomly. Scroll handling was improved. A virtually unlimited number of images is allowed. A bug in the file selection process where old images persisted was fixed. Auto-tiling and maintenance of image ratio to backgrounds was added. The original applet frame was removed. The file selector is now used to pick a directory instead of merely using a text entry.

        •  29 Aug 2003 20:47

          Release Notes: This release adds an auto-rotate feature, additional setroot support, and a tooltip. Changing the rotation frequency while running no longer requires an app restart to have the setting take effect. Function calling has been changed to avoid recursive loops.

          •  29 Aug 2003 16:24

            Release Notes: The rotation min/max/increment has changed (1min/24hr/1min). Max background pics has increased to 10,000. The counter is now initialized. A memory leak in get_image_array() has been fixed. A bogus tar.gz file has been removed from the distribution. PNG, JPEG, and GIF files are accepted. ImageMagick's convert dependancy has been removed. A new random thumbnail is shown once you switch backgrounds instead of waiting the remaining time interval. Deeper directories are supported. A default app image is drawn if the user specifies an invalid or empty directory.


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