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fwLOGview is a graphical, real-time, colorized log viewer for Linux netfilter/iptables, Cisco Pix, *BSD ipfilter, Fortigate, and other logs. It displays the log entries in colors related to the firewall action. You can hide unimportant columns, change the order in which columns are shown, and set filters to focus on important entries.


Recent releases

  •  05 Jul 2006 20:36

    Release Notes: A fix for a bug (reported only on newer Linux distributions) that caused the fwlogmgmd to exit after attempting to load a saved log. A new parser that handles Fortigate firewall logs.

    •  14 Dec 2003 06:30

      Release Notes: This version includes an experimental rewrite of fwlogd and fwlogmgmd to use SQLite-based storage instead of a flat file. Some cosmetic flaws affecting the program when used with Java 1.4 were cleaned up.

      •  07 Jul 2003 23:51

        Release Notes: Minor feature improvements to GUI: "direct filter add" by clicking on logentry with context-button (right mouseclick on PC).

        •  27 Feb 2003 23:08

          Release Notes: Major feature enhancements in GUI and server parts: fwlogview usability enhancements, GUI customization by use of XML configuration files, fwlogd is able to split logfile (logrotate), fwlogmgmd rewritten as a stand-alone daemon, support for Cisco PIX log, bugfixes, and code cleanups.

          •  16 Dec 2002 16:46

            Release Notes: fwlogd is now able to split and store logfiles. fwlogmgmd was rewritten as a stand alone daemon, and features for logfilehandling were added. fwlogview now makes use of the new logfile handling, and code cleanup was done.


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