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Fuzzy sets for Ada

Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing implementations of confidence factors with the operations not, and, or, xor, +, and *, classical fuzzy sets with the set-theoretic operations and the operations of the possibility theory, intuitionistic fuzzy sets with the operations on them, fuzzy logic based on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and the possibility theory; fuzzy numbers, both integer and floating-point with conventional arithmetical operations, and linguistic variables and sets of linguistic variables with operations on them. String-oriented I/O is supported. A rich set of GTK+ GUI widgets is provided.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Jun 2014 15:57

    Release Notes: The library widgets and renderers are adapted to the GTK 3.x; Gtk_Fuzzy_Linguistic_Set_Domain has new style property: line-color. The library was first compiled with with GNAT 4.9.

    •  09 Apr 2012 08:36

      Release Notes: This release works around compiler bugs to make the library compilable using available GNAT compilers on most architectures. It is now packaged for Fedora and Debian, to be installed using yum or apt.

      •  31 Oct 2010 08:54

        Release Notes: A fuzzy set renderer property was added to prefix the rendered value with a string. The fuzzy set renderer commits changes when Enter is pressed while no drop down has been popped up. The Get procedure was added to Gtk.Generic_Fuzzy_Linguistic_Set_Measure_Tree_View and Gtk.Generic_Fuzzy_Linguistic_Set_Measure_Editor gets a dimensioned set of linguistic variables as a dimensionless set and scale. Fuzzy.Stream_IO provides conversions to stream element arrays. A minor bug was fixed in Fuzzy.Abstract_Edit.Named.

        •  14 Jun 2009 11:43

          Release Notes: Installation instructions were added. This version conforms to the latest GNAT compiler (GNAT GPL 2009) and GtkAda (2.14).

          •  13 Jul 2008 14:48

            Release Notes: This version was adapted to GNAT GPL 2008, GtkAda 2.10.2, and Units of Measurements for Ada v2.8. A bug was fixed in Get_Value_As for dimensioned numbers, linguistic variables, and sets.


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