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FutureSQL Web Database Administration Tool

FutureSQL is a Rapid Application Development web database administration tool written in Perl. FutureSQL allows one to easily setup config files to view, edit, delete and otherwise process records from a MySQL database. It uses a data dictionary, configuration files and html templates, and allows "pre-processing" and "post-processing" on both fields, records and operations. It allows multiple views and operations on a data set, including the use of joined tables for queries and reports. A demo application with most of the features is included.


Recent releases

  •  30 Oct 2001 23:18

    Release Notes: An 'Editing Conflict' bug that was introduced in v2.3 has now been fixed. A default check for required fields has also been added.

    •  25 Oct 2001 02:14

      Release Notes: New critical code to prevent endless looping on the creation of session IDs in case of file write problems on the server, modified session ID routines to include public users, and other small fixes.

      •  08 Oct 2001 04:15

        Release Notes: Secure logins, session IDs with password encryption, multi-user edit checking, and a fast-search field on the record display have been added. Some HTML table errors in templates have been fixed.

        •  04 Sep 2001 21:15

          Release Notes: SQL data files for the demo have been added, and a typo in the login page has been fixed.

          •  29 Aug 2001 09:38

            Release Notes: HTML customization via templates, joined tables functionality, and a demo application were added.


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