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FusionInventory for GLPI

FusionInventory for GLPI is an extension (plug-in) of GLPI allowing a direct connection with FusionInventory's agents. It provides discovery of the equipment connected to the network, equipment interrogation (inventory) through SNMP, hardware and software inventory of the computer on which an agent is installed, and computer wake-on-LAN. The inventory and wake on LAN module are integrated into the agent. It features an HTTP(S) dialog between the plug-in and agent, can wake the agent from a distance, and allows management of waiting actions (inventory, network discovery, wake on LAN, etc.). It supports SNMP version 1, 2c, and 3, and mapping between SNMP's OID field and GLPI. It can get information from switches and their ports (internal MAC, port speed, number of errors, connection status), printer information, and the state of printer cartridges.


Recent releases

  •  03 May 2011 06:21

    Release Notes: This version is a corrective release that fixes very many bugs regarding inventory and netdiscovery actions. The fields lock system was improved. Data checking of computers was integrated. This version is for GLPI 0.78.x.

    •  18 Apr 2011 06:36

      Release Notes: In FusionInventory, a message was added in taskjoblogs when a rule denies an action, a link for documentation was fixed, a massive action on date_mod on agent list was removed, a message is output when allow_url_fopen is off, and a display issue on running tasks was fixed. In FusinvSNMP, send the SNMP model of a network device is not sent if it has a type other than "networkequipment", and preparerun doesn't check if the agent has an IP address on pull. In FusinvInventory, the "type" of computer not being imported when this field is unlocked was fixed.

      •  15 Apr 2011 07:04

        Release Notes: A scheduled task system was added. A rules system was added for importing equipment. Computer inventory (hardware, software, and antivirus information) can be imported. Full support was added for Nortel switches. More than 1300 network devices can be managed. Graphs were changed for printer pages history.

        •  05 Apr 2011 06:36

          Release Notes: This beta version added VM management. It works with VMware, Virtualbox, Xen, Qemu, and others.

          •  27 Mar 2011 21:05

            Release Notes: Version BETA4 for GLPI 0.78.

            Recent comments

            25 Aug 2010 23:08 goneri

            a must have for GLPI users.


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