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FSVS is the abbreviation for "Fast System VerSioning", and is pronounced [fisvis]. It is used for backing up, restoring, versioning, and system configuration management, using a Subversion repository as the backend.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2012 07:55

    Release Notes: A bug where auto-props were not applied for explicitly specified commit targets was fixed.

    •  17 Jan 2012 17:19

      Release Notes: There are a few compilation fixes for Mac OS 10.6. There is a new "password" option. Compilation regressions for gcc-4.5 and gcc-4.6 are fixed. This release is compatible with autoconf 2.68.

      •  17 Jan 2011 07:55

        Release Notes: Bugs were fixed for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.4. A length calculation bug was fixed for the FSVS_* environment variables.

        •  11 Mar 2010 10:18

          Release Notes: The "config_dir" option was fixed, so that SSL certificate authentification now works; the "_base" symlinks in /etc got replaced by a "README"; a virtual address space leak got fixed; and a new option "dir_exclude_mtime" was added.

          •  12 Oct 2009 19:31

            Release Notes: There are a lot of smaller bugfixes (like temporary files not being deleted, verbosity selection, and better out-of-date messages). The documentation has been updated. There are some compatibility fixes for subversion 1.6.4 and above. New features are support for arbitrary "svn+" tunnels and filtering of the "fsvs log -v" output (doesn't show all changed paths anymore).


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