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FSP Client

FSP Client is single executable client for the FSP protocol. FSP Client uses an FTP-like user interface. It feels like FTP, but under the hood it uses FSP. FSP is a UDP-based protocol for transfering files around, and was designed for anonymous archives.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Sep 2009 22:55

    Release Notes: This is the first version that runs correctly on 64-bit systems. A minor fix was made to the SCons framework, which now cross-compiles FSP client without problems on PowerPC platform.

    •  21 Jul 2009 17:15

      Release Notes: The SCons build framework has been modularized and now honors the CFLAGS user settings taken from the env. variable or command line option.

      •  15 Jun 2009 20:14

        Release Notes: Slower retries on fatal network errors. The build system has been changed to SCons, a compilation problem on some systems fixed, and the man page updated.

        •  24 Jul 2005 17:16

          Release Notes: In fsprc, wrack was removed, and decss and another FSP site were added. Statistics printing in the stat command was fixed. Hammering of FSP sites that are down is now avoided.

          •  25 Feb 2005 19:10

            Release Notes: Keeps timeout settings after sending CC_BYE. Support has been added for maxdelay (300s), defaultmaxdelay (60s), and the environment variable FSP_MAXDELAY. The scons build framework has been added. Errors in packet debug prints have been fixed. The network security of the protocol has been improved. A directory listing parsing bug has been fixed.


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