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File Service Protocol

FSP is a UDP-based protocol for transferring files. It has many benefits over FTP, mainly for running anonymous archives. It is usable on lines with high packet loss ratio (70% WiFi), can go behind firewalls and unnoticed by port scans (because of UDP), does not overload networks when hosting ISOs or movies, share files on modem lines without eating all of the bandwidth, and keeps lamers away from your site (they don't know how to get to it). This project is active continuation of the FSP code base (abandoned 1996-2003).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2009 21:23

    Release Notes: This release fixes a segfault in FSP command line clients on newer Linux glibc. Large file support is now correctly detected on Linux systems. Upload handling is now much smarter: it allows reuploading of the last block, and non-continuous upload checking was improved. Overwriting a check for uploaded files was reversed by mistake. Protocol support for sending error codes has been added (this was frequently requested). Previously, the FSP protocol only supported text error messages. Code portability has been increased by avoiding configure time checks for int and long variable sizes. fsetupcmd has a new -l switch for listing known FSP servers.

    •  11 Sep 2009 00:04

      Release Notes: SCons is now used instead of GNU Autotools. The default packet size was increased to made transfers about 30% faster. The rmdir command now works. The code now compiles on systems without large files. fsetupcmd was added to the fspmerge single executable client, and fspmerge now prints a help message. A command line argument to fspd now overrides the configuration file.

      •  20 Feb 2005 03:12

        Release Notes: This release resolves a problem where large packages confused older FSP client versions. Client side security was increased: the sequence number is now random, and the received filepos and command in the server reply are now tested. Build system migration from autoconf to scons was started and support for pre-ANSI compilers was dropped.

        •  22 Jan 2005 15:57

          Release Notes: This release adds large packet support to speed fsp, improved directory listing (it's three RTT times faster now), renames send_file() to serve_file() to avoid a name clash on AIX, increases the default packet size for fspd to 1200 bytes, and adds the new file command "fspsites".

          •  22 Dec 2004 06:20

            Release Notes: The protocol documentation was updated for the CC_INSTALL, CC_RENAME, and CC_SET_PRO commands. Code cleanups occurred in several f* commands. The default dirlistcache was increased to 100 and the default fp cache was increased to 20. Bugfixes were included for 64-bit systems.


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