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OSSP fsl offers the syslog API otherwise provided by libc. Instead of writing to the syslogd process, it uses the powerful OSSP l2 logging capabilities. It is a drop-in link-time replacement which enables any syslog consumer to take advantage of OSSP l2 by just linking this library in before libc. The program is intended to apply OSSP l2 functionality to existing syslog-based third-party programs without the requirement to change the source code of the program.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2003 19:00

    Release Notes: This release integrates OSSP l2 0.9.4 and in this way provides a new "monitor" option in the "file" channel.

    •  15 Sep 2003 09:46

      Release Notes: The OSSP l2 "prefix" channel now performs atomic downstream writes to prevent garbled log files.

      •  30 Jun 2003 18:21

        Release Notes: The embedded OSSP l2 has been upgraded to version 0.9.2, which provides new "jitter" and "trunc" options for the file channel.

        •  22 May 2003 15:17

          Release Notes: The syslog LOG_NDELAY semantics were fixed. The library will no longer print any messages to stderr under any circumstances. The process environment is completely ignored. For convenience reasons, what(1) marks are now embedded into the code. Internal debugging now logs to a file only instead of using OSSP l2 for this purpose. The logmask for internal debugging is configured by reading the content of an optional symlink.

          •  28 Jan 2003 13:50

            Release Notes: Two logical errors in iteration on object destruction were fixed.


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