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FísicaLab is an educational application to solve physics problems. The problems are set up by adding elements from the palette to a chalkboard and entering the data for each element. The elements are objects such as blocks, pulleys, motors, and forces. It can use the SI and English unit systems, scientific notation, and many conversion factors. The types of problems that can be solved are kinematics of particles (including circular motion), static analysis of particles and rigid bodies in 2D, dynamic analysis of particles in 2D (excluding the dynamics of circular motion), heat, calorimetry, ideal gas, and expansion. The static and dynamic problems are entered by constructing the free body diagrams of the objects.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

FisicaLab's funding campaign 01 Mar 2014 07:36

Today I started a campaign to support GNU FisicaLab, the educational free software for physics. With your support, you will help to expand the range of problems to solve in FisicaLab, in adding new features, in the availability in other languages and in many other things. So help FisicaLab to reach 7k at March 31, to give students a chance of get an ethical education with free software. Spread the word of FisicaLab's campaign with your friends, blogs or social networks. Lets education become free (as in freedom). For more info see:

Recent releases

  •  22 Mar 2014 01:36

    Release Notes: The radio buttons in the UI for selecting the units system are now connected with the model.

    •  14 Dec 2013 04:33

      Release Notes: Fixed some problems present only in the English interface were fixed along with some problems in the data viewer. English users are encouraged to update.

      •  12 Mar 2013 18:53

        Release Notes: This release fixes a small problem with the contextual menu of conversion factors. It cleans up compiler warnings with clang. Also available in a binary package for 32-bit GNU/Linux. A configure script has been added. To compile from source, you need the latest stable packages of GNUstep.

        •  03 Oct 2012 06:39

          Release Notes: The conversion factors are now available from a contextual menu. Basic mathematical operations can be done at table entries. There are some useful functions like: cos(), sin(), and hypot(). The module Static of Rigid Bodies has been extended. The module Circular Dynamics of particles has been added.

          •  17 Jun 2011 19:06

            Release Notes: This is a review version that brings improvements that work with the latest GNUstep packages and take advantage of new additions. Among these improvements are bugfixes, improved application performance, window menus on GNU/Linux and *BSD, corrections to the menu in Windows 7, and a reimplementation of the help panel according to changes in GNUstep.


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