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08 Feb 2010 19:29 abiru

thats the coolest game ever

04 Jun 2003 09:02 bcrowell

Re: great game!; a few problems
Oops! My comment about the bug in the shell script was a little off-base. This script is part of the FreeBSD port, and the bug isn't the fault of the original Frozen Bubble developers.

03 Jun 2003 13:05 mikl

Great game, but too easy in one player mode

I think this game is beautiful and really cool. However, I think this game is too easy in one player mode. I can play a long, long time before loosing.
(But maybe did I miss something...)

I do not know if this is possible regarding the game play, but it would be nice to have configurable user level.

03 Jun 2003 12:32 bcrowell

great game!; a few problems

This is a fantastic game! Very hypnotic to play.

A few problems:

There is a bug in the two-line shell script that you use to run the program, which prevents it from accepting command-line arguments. It should read like this:


LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ perl /usr/local/bin/ do-install $*

The script distributed with the game is missing the $* at the end.

The game sometimes crashes X-Windows (!) in 2-player mode, and also in full-screen mode. However, this may be due to the fact that I'm using the latest version of Perl-SDL, rather than the stable version.

There's no documentation.

Running in KDE, the game doesn't respond to clicking on the X (go-away) widget in the title bar. There doesn't seem to be any documentation about how to quit the game. Pressing the Esc key sometimes works, but not always.

25 Mar 2002 18:27 pimlottc

Re: Awww!
I must agree. The quality of this program is superb. It's easily better than the original Puzzle Bobble (for Windows) which I have wasted hundreds of hours playing. I run Debian and it works like a charm. Kudos to the authors on an excellent piece of work and also thanks to Mandrake for sponsering this program and truly giving back to the community.

17 Mar 2002 16:32 katajanmarja

This game is irresistably cute (beats Puzzle Bobble, even, and that says a bit) and it runs like a charm from rpm on Mandrake 8.1 (only needed to dig perl-SDL from the CD to go with it). The music is pleasant, too. More of these!


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