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Froxlor is system administration software based on the system control panel SysCP. It focuses on simplicity and usability, and enables an Internet service provider to give customers a Web-based application to administrate their email addresses, subdomains, databases, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Aug 2011 06:23

    Release Notes: Auto-completion is now prevented in the new customer dialog. The Temp folder is now deleted. The check box now remembers if the domain is a wildcard. The catch-all check box while creating e-mail address is now working. webftp.php file upload was fixed. A PHP-FPM tmpdir permission bug was resolved. A "--force" option was added to prevent empty MySQL backups. The filesystem quota is now used to enforce disk space limits for customers.

    •  30 May 2011 17:25

      Release Notes: This release removes an error when there is a white space in the field "registration date". It fixes German translations, too many Web server reloads, and character errors in the Italian language file. It allows the domain to use SSL without SSL redirect, allows continuing of uploads in ProFTPd by setting a conf value in proftpd.conf, and allows active FTP uploads in backup. It adds customer gender.

      •  26 Apr 2011 08:52

        Release Notes: exim4 now issues a permanent error when encountering non-existent users. Files containing ".php" anywhere in the filename are no longer executed as PHP. A better error message is provided for hostnames as domains. The "Resend password" lng variable was fixed. A "Warning: Division by zero" error in the usage report was fixed. A "SysLinks" typo in apacheconfig was removed. Domain with TLDs of more than 6 characters are now allowed. FreeBSD nginx htpasswd generation was added. A backup function was added for Admin and Customer. An Admin Traffic summary was added. Form usability was improved.

        •  28 Mar 2011 16:29

          Release Notes: This release fixed sorting of customers, a reliance on being installed in docroot/froxlor, undefined variables, an error message that was displayed instead of success after a password change, an install script error, incorrect paths in domains with URLs, bugs in perl-suexec - mod, a doubl eslash in redirects, and a bug in the ticket archive. Redirect codes are now supported using mod_rewrite. Empty fields in IPs and ports are filled. The package recommendations for Exim4 as MTA were adjusted. A TLS entry was added for Postfix. Form values are now remembered after an error. Check box support was added to the form field generator.

          •  07 Mar 2011 09:44

            Release Notes: Due to the implementation of the new design and the theme switcher, some bugs and errors occurred. This release is a recommend update, since version 0.9.18 may lead to some problems.


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