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Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor with built-in MIDI player and PDF preview. It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Mar 2014 16:23

    Release Notes: Some annoying bugs were fixed. A new browserlike navigation has been added to navigate to the definition of variables and back.

    •  06 Mar 2014 22:22

      Release Notes: The rendering of the music view has been improved when using smaller sizes. Next to the cursor position, the position in the music is also shown. Other improvements have been made.

      •  31 Dec 2013 07:40

        Release Notes: This is a maintenance release with bugfixes and small improvements. The main new feature is continuous auto-engrave.

        •  26 Dec 2013 10:57

          Release Notes: A new SVG view has been added. Conflicting keyboard shortcuts are handled more elegantly. Adding help pages is simpler now due to switching from Python-coded texts to a Markdown-like plain text format.

          •  16 Oct 2013 11:52

            Release Notes: There are many new functions, also contributed by other developers, improvements, and bugfixes (especially for Mac OS X users).

            Recent comments

            23 Nov 2011 21:43 wbsoft

            You can move the tabs, if you enable that in the Editor component settings!
            Regarding the double quotation marks: does the font you're using have them?

            26 Jun 2011 11:59 juppes

            Switching from Mac to Linux I tried out Frescobaldi as a Lilypond environment. I really thank the developers for such a well thought-out tool which from my point of view so far leaves almost nothing uncovered. It seems to be quite perfect and is very helpful in every respect. The only thing I miss is that you could change the order of the tabs in the editor by dragging them, when you have several documents open (working on a score and separate parts for instance), but this is really a minor issue. Ah, and one other little thing: inserting double quotation marks does not work...



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