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FreeVMS is an OpenVMS-like operating system which can run on several architectures like i386, PPC, Alpha, and many others. It consists of a POSIX kernel and a DCL command line interpreter. The only architectures currently supported are i386 and x86-64.


Recent releases

  •  18 May 2009 09:58

    Release Notes: QUI, spinlocks, mutexes, timers, scheduling, and process control documentation has been added. Some build fixes have been added. A new ODS2 driver has been written.

    •  11 May 2009 08:37

      Release Notes: Some documentation has been added.

      •  27 Apr 2009 08:10

        Release Notes: An update was made for compiling on lenny/i386. No bugs have been fixed since the last release.

        •  04 Sep 2008 09:34

          Release Notes: Some fixes and new bugs were added. A GCC variable argument count on i386 was added.

          •  10 Feb 2008 01:47

            Release Notes: Better and more command line qualifier handling is available. The possibility to set and show identifier ACL was added. No bugs have been fixed. SMP problems still remain. The outgoing telnet client has problems withing CLI parsing and output. Only the i386 disk image has been tested.

            Recent comments

            08 Aug 2006 10:37 gollum082073

            It's so nice to see this project going somewhere. At the start of the project several years ago there were so many people involved and excited about it. After some time, I lost touch with the project, but still wondered how things were going with it. Congrats on your progress thus far!

            -todd c. campbell

            04 Apr 2004 21:01 imipak

            Re: your Homepage..

            > Maybe you should make this project

            > record pointing on


            > instead of the french index. Most People

            > dont understand french and are kind of

            > shoked if they are lead to a non-english

            > site..


            > regards,

            > Peter Petermann

            Wouldn't it be better to use the language settings, a-la Multiview, to pick the language?

            Better still, update the Freshmeat record more often and release as frequently as possible?

            18 Jan 2002 08:49 jeffcovey

            Re: your Homepage..

            > Even in Europe more people speak english than french.

            Yes, but it's a French project. I don't think you should make the
            French version of your homepage the default, either. :)

            18 Jan 2002 08:30 jkb

            Re: your Homepage..
            Done... But I believe that the english page was accessible...



            18 Jan 2002 07:11 disasta

            Re: your Homepage..

            %% Maybe you should make this project
            %% record pointing on
            %% instead of the french index.
            > It has a clearly visible link to the
            > English version of the page at
            > the top.
            %% Most People dont understand french
            > Which "People" are those? People in
            > general, or Americans?

            People in General. Even in Europe more people speak english than french.

            Please dont feel offended, it was just a suggestions, how people could it have easier to find informations about this project. If you dont want suggestions, just tell me :)


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