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30 Apr 2003 20:17 jackassplus

freetype building
I did not see this in the docs... make fails if
there are spaces in the path. e.g. "some folder"
needs to be "some_folder"

08 Aug 2001 16:51 learfox

Not really UNIX friendly
Unfortunatly the instructions give a very
misleading route to compiling and installing
this library.

It's better off using its own compiler
control called jam which also has its problems
and dosen't really compile (catch 22) on
UNIX and dosen't support installing.

It also has issues with the devel headers
that don't work out right when depending on
their internal prototypes. None of the
author's e-mail addresses were valid for
contact either.

I would recomend this untill it gets ported
for UNIX formally.


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