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FreeTTS is a speech synthesis system written entirely in Java. It is based upon Flite, a small runtime speech synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Flite is derived from the Festival Speech Synthesis System from the University of Edinburgh and the FestVox project from Carnegie Mellon University.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2005 23:14

    Release Notes: This release adds improvements to the emacspeak server demo, performance improvements for time-to-first-sample and cancel, improvements to the state name expansion logic, pronunciations for the British Sterling and "not" signs, new pronunciations for Linux terms, a fix for a -dump{Multi}Audio problem in the freetts application, elimination of a hang with JDK1.5, tools specifically for importing CMU ARCTIC Voices, a fix for MBROLA phoneme remapping, and rudimentary internationalization for FestVox importation.

    •  16 Jun 2004 15:12

      Release Notes: This release includes a number of minor enhancements and bugfixes over the last release. Enhancements include improved support for importing FestVox voices, better support for custom pronunciations, better support for redirecting of audio, and improved compatibility for the GNOME speech API.

      •  22 Dec 2003 20:36

        Release Notes: This release is feature-equivalent to Flite 1.2, including the ability to import voice data directly from FestVox voices. GNU make has been abandoned in favor of Ant. This release uses jar file manifests to help reduce the need for a lengthy CLASSPATH, adds the ability to set the AudioPlayer on a JSAPI Voice, adds support for MBROLA on the Mac, and extends the voice packaging scheme to simplify management and addition of new voices, including dynamic detection and loading of voice jar files.

        •  06 Sep 2002 18:37

          Release Notes: This version of FreeTTS includes support for the MBROLA binaries, which gives FreeTTS a set of three more voices. This release also includes a Java(TM) WebStart example that demonstrates one way to use FreeTTS and the Web to make applications speak. Finally, a number of bugs have been fixed in this release.

          •  01 Feb 2002 11:22

            Release Notes: FreeTTS now includes a number of changes since 1.0. This release includes an improved front-end tokenizer, and a workaround for some sound problems on Linux. It is based upon Flite 1.1.


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