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13 Dec 2001 08:22 zorphin

Quick and easy
The whole system went togeather fairly well, I grabbed the HOWTO on the freepository website. The HOWTO is a bit thin on putting it togeather, but I followed the HOWTO loosely and it all worked out fine except for perl CGI (

You need to use perl's CGI package version 2.56 (I think) as freepository uses the CGI::use_named_parameters() which was removed in version 2.57 of the CGI lib.

19 Oct 2000 15:47 lowbit

Software Package or Service?
Is Freepository supposed to be a software package or a service?

There's a file containing Perl, Java, and HTML source code available for download, but it looks to be a snapshot of a portion of their site tree and doesn't include any documentation (or even a README file), and some portions of the site clearly refer to Freepository as a service provided by Configman (Greensfelder Technology Corporation) rather than a software package.

(Don't me wrong - I'm very enthused about someone finally putting together a fully-functional web front-end for CVS - but I'm also not sure handing complete control of our projects' source code repository to an unknown corporation is the best idea.)


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