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Freepository is a Web-based revision control system based on massive extensions of CVSWeb. It employs a project concept, which provides member accounts and access controls. At project creation, unique CVS repositories are created, containing their respectively unique project credentials. The database maps users to repositories. It also supports multi-file upload, secure remote command line access, and on-the-fly tarring & downloading of repositories.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2005 08:13

    Release Notes: This version introduces the Premium Edition, which includes unified Wiki, bug tracking, and mail lists inside your project. Many UI improvements were made and a "Delete freepository" feature was added. A demo account was added. Additional documentation is now available, and several minor bugs were corrected.

    •  09 May 2005 21:50

      Release Notes: Four different levels of menus have been collapsed to one. Web-based and command line access models are now auto-synced each time a user logs into the web. A total of seven clients are now supported. Files can be permanently removed from the Attic. Modules can be removed in a single click.

      •  21 Apr 2003 07:15

        Release Notes: Two new applets have been added. Members can now change the email address and password in their account, and can also manage the member permissions of any freepository of which they are an admin.

        •  19 Apr 2003 06:17

          Release Notes: A problem where the development database was being used by mistake was fixed.

          •  14 Apr 2003 00:38

            Release Notes: This release has bug tracking via bugzilla, user forums, and an improved user interface. The documentation and downloads have been reorganized for easier navigation. RPM packages have been added to releases. A Multifile upload applet defect has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            13 Dec 2001 08:22 zorphin

            Quick and easy
            The whole system went togeather fairly well, I grabbed the HOWTO on the freepository website. The HOWTO is a bit thin on putting it togeather, but I followed the HOWTO loosely and it all worked out fine except for perl CGI (

            You need to use perl's CGI package version 2.56 (I think) as freepository uses the CGI::use_named_parameters() which was removed in version 2.57 of the CGI lib.

            19 Oct 2000 15:47 lowbit

            Software Package or Service?
            Is Freepository supposed to be a software package or a service?

            There's a file containing Perl, Java, and HTML source code available for download, but it looks to be a snapshot of a portion of their site tree and doesn't include any documentation (or even a README file), and some portions of the site clearly refer to Freepository as a service provided by Configman (Greensfelder Technology Corporation) rather than a software package.

            (Don't me wrong - I'm very enthused about someone finally putting together a fully-functional web front-end for CVS - but I'm also not sure handing complete control of our projects' source code repository to an unknown corporation is the best idea.)


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