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Freepia is small GNU/Linux distribution designed to run on VIA EPIA-M mainboards. It currently only runs on the M-9000 and M-10000 (ezra and nehemia cpu) but with some modifications like kernel and X11 modules it should run on others too. The main goal of this project is to build a full-featured, low-noise media box to play movies, MP3s, images, etc. It uses freevo as its media viewer, but in the future there may be support for others, like mythtv or vdr.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Aug 2003 19:23

    Release Notes: New features include software-based suspend to disk support, the freevo shutdown plugin, bootsplash support for bootlogos, the lirc package for serial stuff, and the ATI Remote Wonder. More keyboard layouts were added to keymaps.tgz. Large file support was added to busybox. The /etc/sysconfig parameters were changed to set freevo media directories.

    •  11 Jun 2003 21:38

      Release Notes: This release supports 5.1 surround sound over S/PDIF (coax). A new graphics driver brings better performance. There is dhcpclient support and smbclient support. Partitions are now autodetected. USB storage supporthas been added to store configuration on USB devices. Kernel 2.4.21-rc2 is now used. rootfs has been shrunken. There is cramfs support for packages, a US keyboard layout, and many bugfixes.

      •  17 May 2003 22:19

        Release Notes: Freepia no longer needs the first partition on the first disk device. It now searches for the config files in each partition and then on the CD drives. If no config files are found, an emergency menu is started. Freepia can now be booted completely from a CD without requiring a complete install. Running from CD will only save the configuration data on the hard disk. CDROM drives now may be autodetected and included into freevo/fstab/mnt. The rootfs was shrunk by around 2MB. hdparm (for DMA tuning) and noflushd (for powerdown on idle) are now used for all IDE hard disks.

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        06 Aug 2006 03:45 aneuper

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        Latest Version: v0.3.8-rc1 on 2006-05-14 in development


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